Alano Club of El Cajon

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  • 10:00 am       AA     OM    El Cajon Late Risers​​
  • 7:00 pm       AA     OM     30/30 Big Book Study


AA - Alcoholics Anonymous

NA - Narcotics Anonymous

OM - Open Meeting

CM - Closed Men's Meeting

CW - Closed Women's Meeting

  • 8:00 pm - 9:15 pm       NA     OM     Just for Today



  • 7:00 pm       AA     OM     Newcomers Meeting

  • 5:30 am       AA     OM     Grab Your Socks         Monday through Saturday

  • 10:00 am     AA     OM     Early Risers                 Monday through Friday
  • 3:00 pm       AA     OM     Daily Drinkers              Monday through Friday
  • 5:30 pm       AA     OM     El Cajon Happy Hour   Every day

Daily Meetings

  • 6:00 am       AA     OM     Spiritual Sunrise
  • 10:00 am     AA     OM     Traditions West


  • 7:30 pm       AA     OM     Iron Horse Recovery


  • 7:00 pm       AA     CM     El Cajon Men's