Alano Club of El Cajon

The Alano Club of El Cajon was established in 1966.  In November 2000 a fire destroyed the club as we knew it, and for may years the club was not available to help people in their recovery. The club was missed by it's members and the community. There has always been a need for this club and it has been a huge factor in the recovery of many people in the community.

For the nine years the club was absent, the drive to rebuild was always present. Many people labored tirelessly to generate the funds and accumulate the materials to have the club rebuilt. Some donated physical labor, others donated building materials, and there were always those who helped by just being there to assist wherever needed.

Since the reopening of the club, there have been many challenges to be overcome. Time and again there have been many that have stepped up, accepted a challenge, and fulfilled a need. The people of the Alano Club of El Cajon are the reason the club doors continue to remain open.

The Alano Club of El Cajon is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Corporation. It is supported by member's dues and donations to the club.  Meeting rooms, books, and tokens are available. 

Membership is a great way that you can help support the club and keep the doors open for the alcoholic or addict that still suffers.