What is the Alano Club of El Cajon


The Alano Club of El Cajon is a Non-Profit Corporation that was started in 1966. The primary purpose is to aid and assist people in recovery through the 12-step program. We are a social club that is owned by the membership. We have a hall that meetings are held 7 days a week. We keep our doors open all day for members and others to have a safe place for there recovery.

In November of 2000 a fire destroyed the club as we knew it. For nine years the club was not available to help people in there recovery. The club was missed by it's members and the community. There has always been a need for this club. It has been a big part of many people in the community's recovery.

For the nine years that the building was not there, the drive to rebuild was always there. Many people worked very hard to get the club back. It was a great job that was well done by many. We had many donate labor, some donated materials and others helped by just being there.

Since the reopening of the club, there has been many challenges that have had to be overcome. There again, there has been many that have stepped up and taken on the jobs with success. The people of the Alano Club of El Cajon are the reason the doors remain open.

The Alano Club of El Cajon is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Corporation. It is supported by members paying dues, meetings paying rent for there time and the sale of books and tokens and other merchandise. Donations also help to keep the club open to continue to share the 12-step program with other that want the help.

Membership is a way that you can help support the club and keep the doors open for the alcoholic or addict that still suffers from this disease that affects everyone. 



938 E Washington Ave El Cajon, CA 92020

619 592-4400